YAMAHA FZ6 Motorcycle Review


Given all the technical “charms” of the old Fazer model, there is no reason to say anything bad about this “Japanese”. The more carefully you look at the Yamaha FZ6 model, the more you are convinced that only the letters “FZ” were inherited from its ancestor. A completely different naked bike appeared before motor fans, not much resembling the old model. The exterior of the motorcar is consistent with its internal qualities and declared capabilities. It fully justifies its financial component and is able to bring joy and satisfaction to an experienced and knowledgeable owner of quality motorcycles. Compare and criticize The forward and high landing is clearly visible in the Yamaha FZ6 video. This undoubtedly makes for a better view of what is happening around, even for a rider whose height reaches 175 centimeters and above. But for those who are lower, you may have to face a number of inconveniences. The instrument panel is digital, the engine is deformed, it starts to work smoothly and evenly, and most importantly, silently, taking relatively fast acceleration. The quality of the suspension settings gives another plus to the motorcycle. The front fork has good cornering control and harsh braking. The rear spring has a good damper and is a bit stiff. The quality of the tires makes it easy to take any turns, even if the asphalt is cold. A serious front brake and a rear swingarm quite allow you to depict a “stoppy” or “goat” bike. Biker reviews of the Yamaha FZ6 note light and agile motor activity in traffic jams and convoys, and also speak of the stable stability of the bike on the road. The brake system requires getting used to and calculating the braking time. Passenger rides are good, even if the saddle, like the saddle, is slightly shortened. The fairing reliably protects at 150 and more kilometers per hour. Also, the immobilizer was not superfluous. The headlights are quite bright and open. The bike’s catchy, modern look comes from a brand new “delta-box” aluminum alloy frame and a slim, recalcitrant silhouette thanks to a pair of under-saddle exhausts. A review of the yamaha engine reveals not so much power, compression, torque and rpm, but this does not affect the run-up. The activity of the six-speed gearbox handles the unit perfectly, and when you release the clutch, the resulting acceleration is simply breathtaking. They note short gears and a steady “life” of the motor, which is responsive to manipulations with the gas handle. The maximum power of the engine is estimated at ninety-eight “horses” at 12.5 thousand revolutions. And all these features are carried out by an engine of only 600 cm3.

In terms of technical characteristics, the Yamaha FZ-6 is a fairly productive and fast bike. It is good not only to satisfy high-speed or long-range hunger, but also to drive along city roads. The main indicators of the model modification series of 2009 are as follows: Engine capacity 600 cm3 Declared maximum power 98 horsepower Gasoline consumption per hundred kilometers, in liters Up to 6.5 Fuel tank capacity, in liters 20 Gearbox 6 gears, mechanics Ground clearance, in centimeters 14, 5 Seat height, in centimeters 79.5 Speed ​​​​maximum 260 kilometers per hour Starting mechanism Starter Fuel supply Injection Motor Four-row, elastic, four strokes and cylinders, similar to a V-shaped; has a slight forward tilt pair of top position camshafts Drive Chain Rear brake single disc Front brake ABS two discs Dashboard Digital Cooling type Fluid Tires 17-inch Front wheel 120/70, Rear wheel 180/55 meters 2.095/1.215/1.45 Wheelbase length 1.44 meters

The main technical characteristics of the Yamaha FZ6 S include the same six-hundred engine volume, the declared power produces seventy-two horsepower. The front fairing, the jagged lines of the fuel tank, the comfort of the saddle, and the colorful rims make this a model to remember for a long time. Feedback from the owners and factory performance indicators of the fz6 model make it possible to sum up a certain summary of the “Japanese”. With a brutal exterior that warns the driver about the difficult nature and self-will of this bike, in fact – a minimum of aggressiveness and all possible landing comforts. The ability to “tame” a harsh motocar is within the power of every sincerely loving heart of a motofan. The internal filling is quite consistent with the desire to succumb to extreme sports, to run measuredly through the city, or gracefully wag your wings in traffic jams. Not many can withstand long distance. Maintenance and repairs are quite adequate and affordable.

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