HONDA CBR 600 RR Review


The Honda SBR 600 pp series of motorcycles appeared back in 2003, immediately becoming one of the most popular from the famous Japanese company Honda. This model can easily be called universal, as it has shown good handling on special race tracks, city streets and on long trips. Honda cbr 600 rr is an ideal option for those who like to ride with the breeze on light, stylish and powerful vehicles. Model development Over the years, the manufacturer has been improving the Honda SBR 600 pp, relating to various characteristics. For example, the latest generation of this model has become lighter by almost 10 kg, having received the title of the lightest sports motorcycles. Changes also affected the size of the engine, the location of the crankshaft and gearbox shafts. The appearance of the Honda sbr 600 pp, which many Internet resources abound in reviews, has also undergone a number of modifications – the motorcycle body has become much lighter, and the design as a whole has improved significantly. It is also worth noting the appearance of ABS on the Honda cbr 600 rr, which had a positive effect on handling in various road conditions. Technical indicators Let’s take a closer look at the qualitative characteristics of the honda cbr 600 rr model, identifying the positive aspects: Dimensions (length; width; height) 201; 68.5; 110.5 cm Weight 184 kg Maximum speed 250 km/h Fuel tank capacity 18 l. Load capacity 180 kg Engine 4-stroke 4-cylinder liquid-cooled Fuel consumption from 5 l/100 km Engine displacement 599 cu. cm Start Electric starter Engine power 120 l. With. at 13,500 rpm Brakes Dual disc hydraulic Suspension (front; rear) Inverted telescopic fork; pendulum with monoshock absorber

The amazing power of the honda cbr 600 rr motorcycle engine sets it apart from other 600cc sport bikes. The achievement of this level of maximum speed (250–255 km/h) was facilitated by the careful thoughtfulness of all the details and elements of the motorcycle body – everything is aimed at maintaining ergonomics, speed and aerodynamics. Fuel consumption on a motorcycle Honda SBR 600 pp will vary depending on driving style, but the average is 5 liters per 100 km. A significant volume of the fuel tank will allow you to travel a long distance without stops for refueling. Advantages and disadvantages The advantages of the Honda SBR 600 RR can be listed for quite a long time, as Japanese engineers have thought through everything in this model to the smallest detail: Stylish sporty design of the Honda SBR 600 RR, immediately striking in the photo. The appearance of the motorcycle resembles its “big brother” – Honda CBR 1000 RR Fireblade. Reasonable price for this class of motorcycle. Relatively low fuel consumption with a mixed driving style. Excellent handling on any type of road surface and in various weather conditions. Fast acceleration to maximum speed thanks to the impressive power of the updated engine. An effective braking system with C-ABS, which gives confidence on the road even to novice drivers. A spacious trunk allows you to take with you everything you need on a trip. Such a pleasant trifle as a handlebar heater will make riding a motorcycle comfortable in the cold season. Disadvantages The model also has negative qualities, but they can be called insignificant. Firstly, at maximum speed with a side wind, the motorcycle may begin to wag slightly – this can be seen even in some videos with a Honda SBR 600 rr. Secondly, many owners of this motorcycle say that consumables are quite expensive, although they can be purchased at almost any motorcycle parts store. For novice riders, the bike may seem heavy and naughty to handle, but after a few weeks of riding this bike, you can get used to its minor whims. In conclusion, it is worth noting that the Honda CBR 600 RR can be called one of the best among 600-750 cc motorcycles, since it is it that is distinguished by its small weight and dimensions, good acceleration, and their cost is more democratic than a liter motorcycle (about 520 thousand rubles for a 2009 model). release).

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