Honda VTR1000 (RC51) SP1 and SP2 sport bike Review


The Honda VTR1000 SP1 and SP2 sport bikes were built with one goal in mind: to outperform Ducati’s acclaimed twin-cylinder V-twins. Unfortunately, the motorcycle is not powerful enough in relation to the total mass. But it has a beautiful design, great sound and an aggressive stance that makes the bike seem faster than it actually is.

The VTR1000 is equipped with a really big eight-valve liter V-twin engine. The fuel system (especially on the Honda SP1) has some kind of defect, which causes the engine to run unpredictably at low revs. The power limit of the SP is 133 horsepower and is reached at 10,000 rpm. At the same time, the SP2 has 4 horsepower more power, but the bike is more responsive and predictable due to the larger throttle body and better injector. Like most V-twins, the Honda SP1/2 requires more skill from the rider than conventional inline-fours. The ride on both bikes is sharp and aggressive. To appreciate all the possibilities of the Honda SP1 / 2 chassis, you really need a track.

The Honda SP1/2 sportbikes feature high-end, durable alloy parts, a sleek swingarm, stunning brakes, Showa adjustable suspension and a racing dashboard. It looks like the Honda SP1/2 was built right in the HRC race shop. All mating parts fit perfectly, making the VTR1000 SP technically superior and durable. The only big disadvantage of the motorcycle is the fuel consumption of about 8 liters per 100 km. Despite this, the owners love their SP1 / 2, and experts give it the highest marks.

I couldn’t find the exact year of manufacture. It is known that the Honda VTR1000 SP1 bike was released in 2000, and in 2002 it was replaced by the updated Honda VTR1000 SP2 motorcycle. The VTR1000 was exported to the USA under the brand name RVT1000R.

Differences VTR1000 Honda SP2 from SP1: new swingarm, fuel system, ECU tuning, longer wheelbase, subframe, 6kg weight reduction, Castrol Honda team graphics, 4hp power. above.

Specifications Honda VTR1000 SP1 and SP2:

• Maximum speed: 270 km/h
• 400 meters: 11.2 seconds
• Power: 133 hp.
• Torque: 102 Nm
• Weight: 194 kg
• Seat height: 820 mm
• Fuel tank: 18 liters
• Average consumption: fuel: 8 liters per 100 km
• Engine: 999 cc, V-Twin, 8 valves
• Gearbox: 6 speeds
• Frame: aluminum
• Suspension: adjustable for preload, compression and rebound
• Front brake: two discs 320 mm
• Rear brake: 220 mm disc
• Front tire: 120/70 x 17
• Rear tire: 190/50 x 17

Service & Owners Manuals For Honda VTR1000SP2 (RC51) 2000-2004

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